About Us

Double The Passion
Twins Pantry is a brand built on love – the love of good food, quality, healthy eating and more than anything, the love of living.
Identical twins and larger-than-life personalities, Dekel and Tomer Kagan, both pastry chefs with over 20 years international experience, have collaborated to create a range of unbelievably moreish treats. Two wildly passionate individuals, the partnership that is Twins Pantry guarantees double the passion, double the expertise and double the great taste!

More about the twins

The dynamic duo behind Twins Pantry are identical twins. Together, the brothers are a force that cannot be ignored. Tall, brawny and bursting with passion and humour, the twins endeavour to share their positive energy with the world through food.

Both have worked in the food industry as pastry chefs for over 20 years. During this time they have gained experience in notable hotels and restaurants around Europe.

With many courses and professional seminars under their collective belts, they came to Australia to start a new life and enjoy all the beauty this country has to offer. They also discovered that Australia has some of the best natural produce in the world and they began carving out their own niche in the gourmet market.